Harry Potter ~ The Philosopher Stone



The first book/movie from Harry Potter is the Philosopher Stone where Harry meets Ron Weasely and Hermione Granger at his first year at Hogwarts. Luckily, all of them make it into Gryffindor house as they have always dreamed of. The sorting hat sorted them in to their houses and then there is house ghosts for every house. Harry had been looked after by Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon and his brother Dudley Dursley for several years after his parents died. Harry didn’t find out he was going to a wizard school until Hagrid (a giant) came to him and told him. Harry didn’t find out until later that he was going to Hogwarts because Uncle Vernon was hiding the letters that were addressed to Harry. Harry had a adventurous first year at Hogwarts meeting Dumbledore and also found out the truth how his parents died and found more secrets and solved a lot of mysteries. Harry`s parents gave him a scar on his forehead when he was younger. Harry learns Quidditch, which he successfully makes the team with a Nimbus 2001 broomstick. Unfortunately Harry is faced against ‘ You know who’.




Book/Film: Fantasy 

Rating from website *:5/5

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Divergent ‘Four’ Ever!!!!

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As my first post I have chosen my favorite movie of all time, DIVERGENT.

The divergent series just blew me away, it introduced me to an amazing new world that I will never forget. It is an adaption of the popular YA fiction novel and all though it strays a little from the books plot I still loved it.


The Divergent trilogy is based around a post apocalyptic world. All of the outside of there city was destroyed. The leaders decided that reason for war was not race, religion, culture or gender but personality. So they split the world into five factions. Abnegation: the selfless, Amity: the kind, Erudite: the intelligent, Candor: the honest and Dauntless: the brave. At the age of sixteen people choose witch faction to spent the rest of there lives in. To get into the faction you must pass initiation, and if you do not pass it you live factionless, a fiat worse than death. But Tris is Divergent meaning she doesn’t conform and belongs to more than one faction. Divergents are considered a threat and so Tris must hide in a faction to survive.

Age rating: 12.                                                                                                  This story is not for the faint-hearted. There are scenes of violence including: Fighting, someone getting stabbed in the hand, people being shot etc.                                                                                                            As for romance *cringes* there is a kissing scene between Tris and her love interest. Also in Tris’s fear landscape (a way dauntless learn to face her fears) she gets harassed by her love interest because she fears intimacy, but this scene in over fairly quickly.

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