Pirates Of The Caribbean ~ Salazar Revenge

This is the latest movie of Pirates of the Caribbean ,unfortunately there is no book, it has been my favorite serious of movies ever. The recent pirates of the Caribbean is called Salazar Revenge. The Salazar Revenge  is a very action and adventurous  film. Captain Jack Sparrow rides the sails even more strongly when deadly ghost sailors which is led by his arch-enemy the, evil Captain Salazar. Last time Jack Sparrow saw Captain Salazar was when Salazar was trying to escape the Devil`s triangle. Jack hopes for survival which lies in the legendary Trident of Poseidon, but its not that easy to find it, he must be ready for an uneasy adventure. On his astonishing journey he meets a beautiful astronomer and a brave and strong young man from the British navy.


Thor Ragnarok

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Thor Ragnarok is an absolutely amazing movie there where many moments of intense action some moments that completely shock you there  are some moments that just make you think that he isn’t coming back from this one and what made this movie so great was how much comedy was in it. It made jokes that will keep you laughing for ages.


This movie is about a god called Thor there is this age called Ragnarok which basically means the doom of the gods. This will be carried out by the demon god Surtur. Thor prevents this by ripping the crown off of Surtur’s head but there was a catch to everything in doing this Odin (Thor’s father) became old and weak and he died. and When he did Thor’s sister Hela (the goddess of death) is released from hell and she is the bringer of Ragnarok. Thor then  fights her and Hela breaks his hammer. Later on he gets captured by the Grand Master and is forced to fight against the incredible hulk. Thor loses but he hatches a plan to escape the Grand Masters Custody they escape but come back to Asgard to find that it has been taken over by Hela they hold their own for a little bit but realise that Asgard isn’t the place its the people so they revive Surtur get on a cargo ship and watch surtur destroy Asgard as they fly away.

Age rating 12a

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Daddy’s Home 2

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I loved this film. It had me laughing even after I had left the cinema. Unlike its first film the humor is not quite as crude and more suitable for younger viewers.


Brad and Dusty grow concerned that there children find it hard to switch houses constantly so they can see both mum and dad who are divorced. So when young Megan says she dislikes like Christmas because of it they choose to bring the families together for Christmas. Brads dad chooses to come along and Dusty’s dad invites himself too. But leads to some hilarious moments and some drama for our main cast.

Age: 12

This film contains some humor that my be to old for young children to hear or understand so if your 10 year old  child is mature they would probably enjoy this film. If you have seen the first film in the series you will probably remember some rather mature humor, that crudeness is taken down in this film.

As for romance *shudders* there is not much of it, but there is some humor based on young  Dillon suddenly taking an interest in girls and his dads discussing on how to give him “the talk”. Plus Dusty’s dad is shown flirting, giving Dillon some rather adult kissing advice and kissing many woman, even leaving Dusty’s school play with a attractive woman.


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Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets

The second book/movie from Harry Potter is the Chamber Of Secrets. Which in my opinion is very adventurous and mysterious.  In this movie Harry, Ron and Hermonie find themselves facing more challenges in the second year at Hogwarts of Witchcraft and Wizardry, as they try and find who is up to no good. Hermonie gets petrified mysteriously from Tom Marvolo Riddle. Before all of that Harry meets a house elf called Dobby who warns Harry not to go near Hogwarts ever again as its very dangerous. Harry started his Quidditch practice again when he meets himself against Draco Malfoy as he is the new Slytherin seeker. Harry played seeker for Griffindor against Slytherin and they won but there was a enchanted ball which hits Harry  and he looses all his bones in his arm, so he had to stay in hospital for a few days. Through out the year more pupils/animals get petrified and every time that happens Harry hears a snake whisper to him that only he can hear. Everyone in the school gets alarmed that people are getting petrified, so the teachers at Hogwarts decide to close the school down as it is safer for all the wizards. Ginny Wesley suddenly vanishes and is taken into the chamber of secret. Harry also finds himself in front of a basilisk which he can`t look at even in a reflection or he will get petrified. Ron finds himself with his biggest fear ever. Fawkes a phoenix swoops into help Harry. Does Harry and his friends find The Chamber Of Secrets? Who is this Tom Marvolo Riddle guy everyone keeps talking about?


Book\Film: Fantasy

Rating from website: 3.75/5

Rating in my opinion:

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Murder On The Orient Express

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This film I found very enjoyable, but then I have the taste of a old lady, so some kids may not agree. It is an adaption on a murder mystery novel. Plus Johnny Depp is in the film so how could i not love it.


Hercule Poirot, master-detective, is travelling to France and all seems pleasant until the man in the next compartment is murdered in the dead of night. we the little evidence he has Hercule must find the killer before they reach France and the suspects disappear  for ever.

Age rating: 12

This movie does contain some violence and bloody images that may not be sutible for young children. Plus some evidence and some backstory can get quite dark and depressing. There’s also some flirtatious quote and some smoking and drinking. Then of course this story being set back in time there is also racism built into the story.


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3 stars out of five.

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Fault in our stars is a tragic and beautiful movie that will always have a place in my heart. One of my favorite things about the movie was that it doesn’t victimize cancer, in the words of our main character “cancer just wants to be alive.” I cried so much in this film and also donated my hair to cancer it upset me so much.  Although it violently ripped my heart out stamped on it then ran over it, i would recommend it anyone over twelve.


Hazel Grace is a teenage girl who has been doomed with cancer. Her mother decides after a period of time that she is depressed, so she is shipped of to a support group. All is normal until a handsome plot twist by the name of Augustus waters steps into the picture and teaches us how to live even when your vertically on the door of death.

Age rating: 12

This film is not anyone to squeamish. The is a scene were someone has a infected g tube jabbing from their stomach as they lay in a pool of their own vomit. Someone has there eyes operated out of there head and language.

As for romance *throws up* there is a scene that heavy hints at sexual content but nothing to explicit is shown. There is also minor sexual content.

rating: 5/5


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