Thor Ragnarok

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Thor Ragnarok is an absolutely amazing movie there where many moments of intense action some moments that completely shock you there  are some moments that just make you think that he isn’t coming back from this one and what made this movie so great was how much comedy was in it. It made jokes that will keep you laughing for ages.


This movie is about a god called Thor there is this age called Ragnarok which basically means the doom of the gods. This will be carried out by the demon god Surtur. Thor prevents this by ripping the crown off of Surtur’s head but there was a catch to everything in doing this Odin (Thor’s father) became old and weak and he died. and When he did Thor’s sister Hela (the goddess of death) is released from hell and she is the bringer of Ragnarok. Thor then  fights her and Hela breaks his hammer. Later on he gets captured by the Grand Master and is forced to fight against the incredible hulk. Thor loses but he hatches a plan to escape the Grand Masters Custody they escape but come back to Asgard to find that it has been taken over by Hela they hold their own for a little bit but realise that Asgard isn’t the place its the people so they revive Surtur get on a cargo ship and watch surtur destroy Asgard as they fly away.

Age rating 12a

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Divergent ‘Four’ Ever!!!!

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As my first post I have chosen my favorite movie of all time, DIVERGENT.

The divergent series just blew me away, it introduced me to an amazing new world that I will never forget. It is an adaption of the popular YA fiction novel and all though it strays a little from the books plot I still loved it.


The Divergent trilogy is based around a post apocalyptic world. All of the outside of there city was destroyed. The leaders decided that reason for war was not race, religion, culture or gender but personality. So they split the world into five factions. Abnegation: the selfless, Amity: the kind, Erudite: the intelligent, Candor: the honest and Dauntless: the brave. At the age of sixteen people choose witch faction to spent the rest of there lives in. To get into the faction you must pass initiation, and if you do not pass it you live factionless, a fiat worse than death. But Tris is Divergent meaning she doesn’t conform and belongs to more than one faction. Divergents are considered a threat and so Tris must hide in a faction to survive.

Age rating: 12.                                                                                                  This story is not for the faint-hearted. There are scenes of violence including: Fighting, someone getting stabbed in the hand, people being shot etc.                                                                                                            As for romance *cringes* there is a kissing scene between Tris and her love interest. Also in Tris’s fear landscape (a way dauntless learn to face her fears) she gets harassed by her love interest because she fears intimacy, but this scene in over fairly quickly.

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