Daddy’s Home 2

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I loved this film. It had me laughing even after I had left the cinema. Unlike its first film the humor is not quite as crude and more suitable for younger viewers.


Brad and Dusty grow concerned that there children find it hard to switch houses constantly so they can see both mum and dad who are divorced. So when young Megan says she dislikes like Christmas because of it they choose to bring the families together for Christmas. Brads dad chooses to come along and Dusty’s dad invites himself too. But leads to some hilarious moments and some drama for our main cast.

Age: 12

This film contains some humor that my be to old for young children to hear or understand so if your 10 year old  child is mature they would probably enjoy this film. If you have seen the first film in the series you will probably remember some rather mature humor, that crudeness is taken down in this film.

As for romance *shudders* there is not much of it, but there is some humor based on young  Dillon suddenly taking an interest in girls and his dads discussing on how to give him “the talk”. Plus Dusty’s dad is shown flirting, giving Dillon some rather adult kissing advice and kissing many woman, even leaving Dusty’s school play with a attractive woman.


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