Murder On The Orient Express

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This film I found very enjoyable, but then I have the taste of a old lady, so some kids may not agree. It is an adaption on a murder mystery novel. Plus Johnny Depp is in the film so how could i not love it.


Hercule Poirot, master-detective, is travelling to France and all seems pleasant until the man in the next compartment is murdered in the dead of night. we the little evidence he has Hercule must find the killer before they reach France and the suspects disappearĀ  for ever.

Age rating: 12

This movie does contain some violence and bloody images that may not be sutible for young children. Plus some evidence and some backstory can get quite dark and depressing. There’s also some flirtatious quote and some smoking and drinking. Then of course this story being set back in time there is also racism built into the story.


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3 stars out of five.

Gypsy xx